We’re a fully licensed, IL&T approved Dutch drone company providing aerial cinematography, photography and 3D mapping services in the Netherlands. At Aironotics, we’re all technology nerds at heart, with very high standards and an obsession with cinematography and technology, not to mention flying…

Aironotics is the go-to drone operator for all your creative, dynamic and cinematic drone aerial filming an photography requirements in the Netherlands. Combined with over 1000 clocked flying hours we specialize in precision, reliable and close proximity flying.

The Foundations
Aironotics was founded in 2016 by Robbert Kuijper, after graduating with a thesis on Drone Journalism, Robbert has been active in a variety of fields including Drone Photography, Cinematography, VR, Photogrammetry and is currently part time active as a Course developer and Flight Instructor for the DJI UTC Training course at Drone Flight Academy.

The inspection expert
Bruce Klop has joined the ADP team in 2018 and is a fully licensed IRATA Level 3 rope acces expert. His knowledge in various fields of inspection makes him a great addition to the ADP team. Being able to get up close offers ADP the possibility to not only thermally or visually inspect an object from the air, but also get up close to the action. In this way we can offer complete inspection solutions for our customers.